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About us

Our main purpose, as individuals and as a congregation, is to glorify and enjoy God. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the only rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him. The Bible is our only rule for faith and practice.

Although we are located in Germany, we are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America. As such, we hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith, with its catechisms, as our statement of what the Bible teaches.

As the name of our church suggests, we are covenantal in our theology. We believe that the infinite, eternal, holy God condescends to humankind and establishes fellowship with us by way of covenant. Since the fall of mankind into sin, covenant relationship with God is only possible through Jesus Christ, our divine Mediator. The whole Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is an expression of how God’s plan for His covenant people has unfolded.

We also place a high priority on fellowship. It is in the body of Christ that His people use their gifts to build up one another in the faith. We meet together to learn about God’s Word and to worship Him, but also to encourage one another. God’s covenant people have always been a gathering people; worship of the true and living God has always been a a holy convocation. The church is a body, a community, a family.

Services and Directions


A mid-week prayer meeting is held in the church each Wednesday at 7:00pmContact us for more details.

Lord’s Day Worship Times (subject to change)

Mar 5, 23 11:30 am Morning Service
Mar 5, 23 6 pm Evening Service
Mar 12, 23 11:30 am Morning Service with Lord’s Supper
– afterwards Fellowship Meal
Mar 12, 23 6 pm No Evening Service!
Mar 19, 23 11:30 am Morning Service
Mar 19, 23 6 pm No Evening Service!
Mar 26, 23 11:30 am Morning Service
Mar 26, 23 6 pm Evening Service
Jan 29, 23 11:30 am Morning Service
Jan 29, 23 6 pm Evening Service


During the week there is also the oppurtunity to meet in different study groups like “Heidelberg Catechism-Group”, “Women Study Group”, “Evangelism-Course” etc.

Additionally, there is both a Children-and Youth Ministry.

For more information you can contact us.

Covenant Fellowship Church

Galileistraße 65
70565 Stuttgart

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Pastor Nick Bullock

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